We asked you how you feel about the Westminster attacks


Yesterday at around 15:00, London experienced what the police are now confirming to be a terror attack, that left two people dead and others injured. With many commiserations being circulated on all types of social media, from international to local support in the hashtag #wearenotafraid, Londoners have come together in unity..

In wake of this event, the Tab went around King’s College London asking students what they felt about the attacks and if they had any concerns regarding the way they are living in London after them.

Many of the students felt devastated and sad for the victims and Londoners, as this attack clearly was a shock to our lives in a country we assumed was ‘safe’.

Lily and Caroline – Politics, 2nd year

Suzy, Lydia and Myoory – Medicine, 1st year

Manoj, LLM

Eason – Law Student, Postgraduate

Matthew – Geography, 1st year

Leah – Liberal Arts, 1st year

Freddie – Liberal Arts, 1st year

Angus – War Studies, 3rd year

Adelina – BA History, 1st year

Emilie – Geography, 1st year

Tom – Film, 3rd year

In addition to all the security measures being placed, it is still relevant to stay safe amongst ourselves and not be cowed by terrorism (in the words of Sadiq Khan).