BREAKING: Eye witness reports from King’s students at Westminster terror attack

Please be careful around Westminster Bridge over the next days

Beginning at 2:40pm today, there have been numerous incidents being labelled as a “terrorist incident” in the immediate vicinity of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge.

The first, on the Commons and Houses of Parliament, involved a stabbing of a police officer with his assailant being shot by armed police nearby.

Police have been praised for their quick response to these incidents, as well as St Thomas’ ambulances reaching the Bridge within 6 minutes of the first call. All witnesses are glad to see the forces in their quantities protecting the public at such a highly populated area.

Witnesses then reported a second incident on Westminster Bridge of a car purposefully driving into pedestrians crossing the bridge, killing numerous and injuring many others.

Our Fashion Editor Sarah Colee,  has managed to give us her version of how these events have affected where she is right now: “I live about 200 metres from Westminster Bridge and managed to get back to my flat just after the incident started. I work in a restaurant at County Hall so my boss asked me to run downstairs to close it because the whole area is on lockdown.

“When I got onto the street everywhere was cordoned off and I’d never seen so many police. All the shops and restaurants were being evacuated and shut. Police escorted me under a police line so I could get into work, but after a few minutes several police came in and told us we had to leave immediately.

“It was crazy, I was in such a rush and my hands were shaking. I’m back in my flat now but there are helicopters circling and it looks like I can’t leave the building until there are more facts.”

The Metropolitan Police, Air Ambulance and Armed Guards have all been placed within a two mile radius of Westminster Bridge and Parliament to secure the area, being called preventative methods.

Angie Moore has said: “You couldn’t see the car, I think it was a 4×4 but you couldn’t see it coming because of the line of buses lined up. 3 or 4 people were on the ground, on the sidewalk. People faced the sidewalk standing on the bridge, from one end of the bridge to the other.”

Our photographer Jared Phanco spoke to Rob Lyon, a key witness to the events taking place on Westminster Bridge who has stated: “I dread to think, I was about a metre from being hit myself. I couldn’t see how many people there were, but the emergency services were very quick.

“Lots of similar calls were made like mine alerting them of the accident, but I gave my coat to a lady to use as a pillow, until she was on a hospital bed.” 

With King’s College being alarmingly near these incidents, please stay safe regarding these proceedings. If you were a witness to these events, message us on our Facebook page or personal editors pages.