How being a tourist at Guy’s changed me

“I can show you the world…” – Aladdin didn’t know half of it

As an Arts and Humanities student, I have been hibernating away at the Strand campus for as long as I can remember. I’d heard all sorts of things about the other campuses, and after two years at King’s, I figured it was about time I ventured into the land of Guy’s. So here it is, my first-time experience at the home of Sciences and Medicine.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Guy’s, you’ll know it sits right next to Guy’s Hospital. However, as a first timer, this was something no one had ever mentioned before. So, after wandering around aimlessly, confused as to why Google Maps was leading me to a hospital, I eventually saw that classic red King’s sign.

At first sight, I was pretty impressed. The buildings were beautiful, something unknown to anyone who studies at Strand, where the ugly grey just gets more depressing each day. However, it felt like I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the hustle and bustle at the Strand, it was eerily quiet, I could have sworn a tumble weed went past.

After wondering where everyone had disappeared to, I thought it was only right that my first adventure should take place in the KCLSU. The chilled-out vibes of the shed and the Guy’s bar was something I’d rarely experienced at the Waterfront. Usually having to queue for an hour to get a drink and viciously attempting to get a table, it was a pleasant surprise to have a choice of seat when at Guy’s.

Figuring I would most likely never come back again, I decided to test out the food while I was here and went for a classic cheese burger and curly fries. Although I looked like a massive loner, I wasn’t even phased as I dug in to this delicious food. A solid 8/10 from me.

Walking off my food, I wandered down and was overwhelmed by the amount of buildings and houses they had. For all these years, I thought the King’s/Strand debacle was hard enough to understand, but nothing prepared me for this.

Any attempt at looking at a map was pointless, and I seriously wondered how anyone ever made it to anything without getting lost.

Clearly having no idea where I was going, I dawdled around, spying in on lectures and annoying people in the New Hunt’s House library. Although it was a nice surprise not to get lost in a library for once, and the jealousy I felt seeing one so close on campus, it’s hard to compare to the kingdom that is the Maughan.

So, there it is, my fleeting time at Guy’s. Although I had a pretty good time and got some great pics of the Shard whilst I was there, nothing will ever beat the views from the Waterfront or the army of people racing around the Strand.

To end with the compulsory photo to show all non-Londoners how close to the Shard I am