King’s students now get a discount at Nando’s

How else were you going to spend your student loan?

Nando’s is offering 20 per cent off on Tuesdays to King’s students.

In a new offer exclusive to KCL students, anyone can get 20 per cent off if they show their ID card.

The offer, which is limited to the Stamford Street branch, promises a discount to all students who place an order of £10 or over.

About cluckin time

Courtney Cruse, a King’s fresher who works at Nando’s Stamford Street, said: “We thought this discount would be a great idea to appeal to a wider groups of people, especially students who are often short for cash.

“This reflects the general vibe of Nando’s – friendly, welcoming and innovative.”

“The offer focuses on King’s College due to the vast majority of students living close to the restaurant.”

No fowl play here

Courtney added: “I really enjoy working at Nando’s, the atmosphere is always welcoming where all staff are like one big family.

“It’s also really helpful as I get free chicken after every shift.”

No wonder the Stamford Street cat hangs out there.