Lizzy Woods

Lizzy Woods
Kings College London


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King’s Think Tank: We never uninvited Boris Johnson to speak at our Brexit series

The email circulating the internet was never approved by presidents of KCL Think Tank

KCL Think Tank withdraw invitation for Boris Johnson to speak at university

They were put off by his comments made regarding Obama’s Kenyan heritage

Which Beyoncé song are you?

Hopefully not ‘Single ladies’

Stamford Street Apartments criticised over lack of suitable wheelchair access

‘How can a disabled student have a meaningful experience here when they literally can’t get in the door?’

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Freshers will have to pay at least £147 a week

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Economics freshers were given an exam paper with deliberate mistakes in it

The department claims they did it on purpose

Freshers evacuated after fire breaks out at Stamford Street

This was not a drill

A stray cat has moved into Stamford Street and nobody knows why

They’ve named it after the Nando’s they found it outside

Stamford Street bans post-it notes

It’s political correctness gone mad