A stray cat has moved into Stamford Street and nobody knows why

They’ve named it after the Nando’s they found it outside

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A mysterious ginger cat is living rent-free at KCL’s most sought-after halls. 

Since the end of October, freshers at Stamford Street have delighted at the feline’s visits – although its true identity is hotly contested.
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Some say it’s Professor McGonagall lost on the way to the Round Reading Room, while others say it’s an incarnation of Garfield in the flesh. Cynics have claimed it’s from the local church and is after students’ tuna.

The cute moggy was originally discovered by Stamford Street residents Andy Ab Butler and Chloe Fasel, who named him Nando’s.


Speaking to The Tab, they explained: “We first met Nando’s about 2 weeks ago when we were walking home, outside of Nando’s – hence the name.

“It was raining and he looked scared and wet so we petted him and he took a liking to us. He followed us to Stamford Street and we decided to give him some food and dry him off. He then stayed with us and loved it.

“We decided to return him to Nando’s as we thought he could be someone’s pet, but later that evening we heard him again in the courtyard and found that he had returned.”


They could’ve hoovered

They added: “We fed him again and he just kinda stuck. He now goes from block to block just getting food from students and seems to like it. People have made him beds and even bought cat food.

“People then took him in and misheard his name, assuming he was called Nacho, but it’s Nando’s as that is where he’s originally from.

“Nando’s is the most amazing cat. Friendly and loving, he just wants to be around people and thoroughly enjoys the attention he gets.” 



Meanwhile residents of the UKIP Flat, who are at the centre of Stamford Street’s recent post-it note scandal, commented: “We  haven’t been reported since Nacho turned up, so he’s clearly a lucky cat.”


A purrfect evening

Law fresher Melissa has also enjoyed the kitty’s presence. She said: “There was a mouse in our kitchen, so we brought Nacho up to catch it and at night he plonked himself in my flatmates bed without waiting for permission which was pretty cute”.


Payment for pest control

Meanwhile, fresher Stephanie, who studies International Relations, suggested: “He has an owner, but he doesn’t like staying at home – just like every other cat in the world.

She added: “Also, his name is Gary.”


Living the high life

The front desk remains uncertain about the course of action to be taken towards their latest resident, and it is unclear whether he will be forced to pay astronomical amounts of money for a flat without toasters.


But one thing is certain – Stamford Street’s newest resident needs a name.

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