No, the Round Reading Room isn’t Dumbledore’s office

Busting KCL’s most persistent myth

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We hate to break it to you – but one of KCL’s most circulated rumours isn’t true.

Many a fresher has excitedly bragged about the Round Reading Room appearing in the Harry Potter films, as the set for the legendary office of Professor Albus Dumbledore.

But the study room, on the ground floor of the Maughan Library, is simply the subject of one of the university’s favourite myths.

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Dumbledore has never been here

Dumbledore’s office was actually filmed on a purpose-built set, which can now be seen at the Warner Bros studios In Leavesden.

On the real set, the books are nothing more than phone books bound in leather.

If it’s any consolation, the Reading Room does feature in Dan Brown classic The Da Vinci Code, which is just as cool. Right?


Dumbledore’s actual office (not in the Maughan)

Pav Kaur, a third year healthcare student, said: “I’ve never been to the Maughan but I’m not happy. I’d rather believe it is Dumbledore’s Office.

“It’s like finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real.”

Meanwhile Yuri Oe, who studies in the music department, said: “I don’t go there anyway.

“It’s probably the most depressing room in the whole library.”

Don’t let Albus hear you say that.