Sara Kamouni
Editor, The Tab King's

There are fundamental problems with the way in which we treat eating disorders

My experience exposed some of the issues

Everything you know if you’re a girl who loves football

‘It’s pretty insulting to be told you’re obviously only doing it to impress a man’

King’s is one of the top UK unis for students with sugar daddies

There are 353 ‘sugar babies’ at KCL

King’s student becomes youngest person ever to row across the Atlantic

They beat 16 other teams in ‘the world’s toughest row’

Students who protested at Israel Soc event now facing disciplinary action

Attendees from other unis will be banned from KCL

The netball team have released a naked calendar and it’s amazing

It’s for charity, as if you needed a reason

KCL Action Palestine have condemned last night’s violent protests

They said they ‘do not condone any aggressive reaction’

A King’s student is rowing across the Atlantic

He’s never rowed before and he gets sea sick

Oscar Pistorius tells court he’s studying at LSE

The uni say they don’t even offer the course he claims to be doing

All tube travel is going to be free this New Year’s Eve

TfL’s having a party

King’s to offer scholarships for refugees

‘As a university we are proud to play our part’

Being a northerner in London has ruined my life

I miss my people, but they probably hate me now

King’s scientists to give ketamine to students

They’re not horsing around

Prince William is at the Maughan

He’s speaking about elephants

Third year charged £1159.01 for an Uber journey she didn’t take

She doesn’t even have the app

King’s ranked 61st in new global league table

Still better than LSE

Pharma drama: Pharmacy Society vice president storms out

He should’ve taken a chill pill

Uni swaps ‘he’ and ‘hers’ for more gender neutral ‘ze’ and ‘hirs’

They’re too ‘controversial’

Third year magician parties with A-Listers in Hollywood

He got contacts

Record breaking sprinter says her essays make her a better athlete

She’s going to be in the Olympics

Former ‘My Family’ star quits acting for KCL degree

‘I wanted to do something useful’

Men fantasise about cheating more than women

They also think about masturbating strangers

Is your long distance relationship doomed to fail at uni?

We asked people in them whether they’re gonna break up

Are DIY face masks really as good as shop bought ones?

There was a lot of burning

Meet the third year cop juggling uni life with working in the police

Just don’t ask her to turn the music up

Oxbridge don’t care about your ‘X Factor sob story’ personal statements

You’re going to save the world yeah?

What’s your ideal first date?

Please don’t say Nando’s

Petition demands end to gender pay gap at KCL

Women professors lose out on over £10,000

Girl offers 100 guys sex in the street, KCL gent says no

Only in America

KCL self-hatred becomes official as we rank ourselves 67th in the UK

We’re not as bad as UCL

King’s finalists most likely to vote Labour, says new research


Assignment deadlines extended by THREE DAYS following Holborn blaze


KCL backtracks on backtrack and vows to go ahead with rebrand

We’ll be known as King’s London

King’s rises from 43rd to 31st in world rankings

Get in

KCL students speak out against ‘ridiculous’ lack of class time

Seriously, there isn’t enough

VOTE: What’s the best club in London?

We literally don’t know

Horrific collision outside Virginia Woolf Building tears ROOF off bus

Five people were injured

‘I hadn’t realised it would be a big deal’: Meet KCL’s kindest student

She’s really really nice

Victory is ours! Backtracking Ed SCRAPS ‘King’s London’ rebrand


NHS crisis hits KCL as students told to wait THREE MONTHS for appointment at King’s Health Centre

Mum I’m poorly

I’m SUING KCL over the rebrand

He’s not happy

I turned Vegan for a week

Don’t do it

Inconsiderate rapper disrupts KCL Christmas carol service

No one laughed

Why does KCL hate its own students?

It would be nice if you could listen to us

KCL: We’ve spent £300k on the rebrand but we are not legally changing our name

They won’t be changing our degree certificates, email addresses or website

Have you seen this, Ed? Turns out King’s London ALREADY EXISTS

Could be a problem

Ridiculous, stupid and just plain crap: KCL students blast £300,000 rebranding plans

Nobody is impressed

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Not bog standard: Strand install new plush flush ladies’ loos

They’re not taking the piss

The KCL rugby boys are famous on Youtube

They are jokes

KCL student CHARGED over terror offences

Shocking news broken by email

Stop funding oil companies, protesters tell KCL

1182 people signed a petition

Shocking turnout reveals election apathy

Just five per cent bothered

Only 965 students have voted in the election so far

That’s a 3.7 per cent turnout

KCL grad appears on The Apprentice

And says cringe things like “I’m me, so I don’t need a game plan”

Cold showers, 6am drilling and NO WIFI: Residents’ outrage over Champion Hill

Brand new £182 A WEEK halls are still a building site

Champion Hill officers ban freshers from using their kitchens after 10pm

Fuming freshers weren’t allowed to make a bedtime brew

London students named most hardworking

The news we’ve all been waiting for

Freshers say the stupidest things

We went onto the freshers Facebook page. It was awful.

British Jihadists tell KCL professor they want to come home

Brit Jihadis contact King’s professor to express regret.

KCL threaten to slash 120 jobs to fund new uni buildings

Over a hundred academic staff could face redundancy as uni chase pricey investments

Alpha Epsilon Pi: Frat culture arrives at KCL

Is the American trend set to storm British universities? Sara Kamouni finds out

KCL vs UCL: who is really better?

They might have beaten us at Varsity, but who really comes out on top?

The North/South divide: Northerners are people too

Sara Kamouni asks whether the North/South divide does anything except needlessly separate us