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King’s launches It Stops Here Training Academy on harassment and sexual violence for staff members

The campaign wants to raise staff awareness and capability and is available to all staff members on KEATS

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King’s leads ranking as the Russell Group university with the smallest percentage of students from disadvantaged areas

Do better King’s

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We looked around campus for KCL’s most fashionable tote bags

Tote-ally trendy

London Farmer’s Market is coming to Guy’s campus every Tuesday

From speciality meats to vegan, gluten-free foods, these amazing stalls will make you actually want to come to uni every Tuesday

Why you should join The Tab King’s next term

New year, new you

King’s internet is down after a cyber attack

It’s not actually a KCL cock up for once

When is it ok to be excited about Christmas?

The holidays are coming

King’s to offer scholarships for refugees

‘As a university we are proud to play our part’

King’s will always be a better uni than UCL

Read it and weep

Street style: Fur special

Don’t worry, it’s probably not real

KCL to introduce gender neutral toilets

They’ll be on every campus by January

King’s College now has its own rap society

It’s run by three third year dentists

Everyone you’ll hate in the Maughan

It’s always the Mac users who hog seats

Being a northerner in London has ruined my life

I miss my people, but they probably hate me now

Faulty toilets on the Strand Campus apparently repaired with tin foil

It’s actually silver tape

What’s the worst thing about living in London?

There’s a lot of options

Stamford Street freshers outraged because they don’t have any toasters

‘The appliances here are shit’

‘I’m running away from something’: We spent an evening talking to the homeless on the Strand

A night on one of KCL’s Hot Choc Soc outreach sessions

KCL student holds strangers’ hands in new prank video

Julius Dein is back, and he’s getting handsy

A snake is loose on Guy’s Campus

Yes, an actual snake