Jordan Davies

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Fire engines called to Julian Markham accommodation

Residents have been told their rooms and belongings may have suffered smoke damage

King’s beat Goldsmiths in the University Guide 2017 rankings

We beat Goldsmiths

There’s nothing wrong with still wearing Jack Wills

It has served us well, and still can

I was born in England, but because of my grandfather I’ll always be Welsh

People just don’t understand

King’s and UCL to hold joint graduation ceremony

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I became a model through Facebook

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Live Blog: Rugby Varsity 2015 at Twickenham

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What’s the worst insult?

‘Something about my mum’

We got a rugby boy to audition for University Challenge

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What would Wednesdays be without Walkabout?

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Faulty toilets on the Strand Campus apparently repaired with tin foil

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Dentistry lecturers paid the most for second year running

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