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We looked around campus for KCL’s most fashionable tote bags

Tote-ally trendy

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Remember when Middle School trends were all about who's wearing the hippest Abercrombie & Fitch Tote bag to school? Well, the tote trend is officially back, but this time it's edgier than ever.

From artistic designs to sassy comebacks, these totes definitely add a je ne sais quoi to the cool outfits KCL are currently rocking – and here are the best of them:

Tiphaine, First Year, Film Studies

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Zainab, First Year, Film Studies

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Tracy, Final Year, Study Abroad

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Anna, Second Year, History

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Marina, Third Year, Comparative Literature with Film

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Connie, NHS Staff

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Daisy, First Year, Philosophy

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Anna, First Year, Religion Politics & Society

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Flo, First Year, English Language and Linguistics

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Zongxiao, Second Year, Business Management

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Adèle, Third Year, English

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It looks like King's tote-ally loves this trend – and it's here to stay.