Stamford Street freshers outraged because they don’t have any toasters

‘The appliances here are shit’

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Everyone knows the phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” –  but what good is sliced bread if you don’t have a toaster?

King’s have decided to remove toast from the Stamford Street menu by failing to provide toasters in halls of residences.

One Stamford Street resident, who didn’t want to be named for fear of losing more appliances, told us: “All I know how to cook is beans on toast and without the toast, it’s just beans with bread and it doesn’t taste great.”

Other students have gone further in their quest for toast and have tried alternative methods with little success.

One said: “People said that putting bread under the grill works in the same way. They lied.”

Some efforts were more drastic than others...

Some efforts were more drastic than others

Some residences, such as Ewen Henderson Court, have gone one step further and denied students access to kettles, and therefore tea, too.

And it’s not only the smaller appliances causing problems. In Sarah Colee’s flat, they were stranded for eight weeks with a broken fridge.

She said: “It’s pretty ridiculous that it’s taken this long for the staff to sort it out.”

Meanwhile, fresher Lizzy Woods pointed out the terrible value for money of living in halls.

She said: “£179 a week for a flat without a toaster is a bit grim.”

Accommodation Services have been contacted for comment.

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