KCL to introduce gender neutral toilets

They’ll be on every campus by January

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Gender neutral toilets are to be introduced to King’s College campuses.

The decision comes after the KCL LGBT+ society called its transgender members to action yesterday over the issue.

A meeting took place at 6pm between KCL’s Trans community members, KCLSU and the college itself.


The students involved in the meeting discussed the difficulties, both mentally and physically, of not having gender neutral toilet facilities available to them thus far in their time at the university.

Many of transgender students at King’s have felt like their requests have not been catered to by the university up until this point.

Finally, after tireless campaigning, the new move has been seen as a step in the right direction for the LGBT+ society and for the university’s accommodation to the LGBT+ community.

The university has been praised for its accommodation for LGBT+ students in the past, meeting nine out of 10 of the criteria for ‘gay friendly universities’ created by the LGBT+ lobby group, Stonewall.

A trans representative of KCL LGBT+, Ed Donald, said: “This is a massive step forward in getting trans voices heard at KCL.

“The ability to use the correct bathroom, which many people probably take for granted, is going to make such a positive change to the wellbeing of many trans students at King’s.”