What’s the worst thing about living in London?

There’s a lot of options

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Jane Austen once said: “Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be.” We wish we could prove Jane wrong, but she isn’t far off the mark.

200 years later, we got KCL students to give their views on the worst thing about this godforsaken city – apart from the prices.

Mary Anne, English Literature, third year


“The random places that you can smell pee.”

Ying, International Relations, first year


“The unpredictable weather.”

Tom, Film Studies, second year


“Trying to have to get to lectures during rush hour- the central and DLR lines are the worst.”

Andrea, Economics and Management, first year


“People drive on the wrong side of the road!”

Paige, Film Studies, second year


“People who run up the escalator, then continue to walk slowly.”

Sharon, Political Economy, postgrad


“I don’t mind the pollution and overcrowded streets because I’m from China. I guess the worst thing about London would be the house prices.”

Sara, Biochemistry, second year


“It’s sometimes unfriendly.”

Jack, Computer Science, first year


“Getting hassled by people on the streets, like for flyers.”

Lewis, Liberal Arts, second year


“Travelling, commuting – things take time to get to.”

Alberto, Political Economy, third year


“People in cars shouting at you when you’re on a bike.”

James, Computer Science, third year



Sam, Physics, third year


“Rush hour – the tube is boiling.”

Nathan, Philosophy, third year


“Frequent travel disruptions.”

Malcolm, Conflict Security and Development, postgrad


“The morning commute is the worst.”

Neil, Research Methods, postgrad


“The property prices. Also, people should cycle.”

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