King’s to offer scholarships for refugees

‘As a university we are proud to play our part’

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King’s has announced it will offer “sanctuary scholarships” to refugees from next year.

In a statement signed by Vice-Principal Joanne Newman and SU President Nadine Almanasfi, the University revealed that it will accept applications for the funding from April 2016.

The scholarships will cover three years of undergraduate study.


The scholarship scheme will be implemented next year

They said: “As befits a university with a long history of helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds and that advocates education for all, King’s and its Students’ Union are playing a part in giving those fleeing conflict the opportunities that have been unfairly taken away from them on their journey to safety.”

The statement also hinted that King’s is looking into ways to support refugees both locally and globally, using its online teaching resources and language centres.

King’s students were extremely generous during a donation drop-off for refugees

The plans are building upon the extensive efforts from King’s students to support refugees so far, including a successful donations drop-off earlier in the semester.

If you’re interested in contributing to these efforts, KCL Student Action for Refugees and Students4Syria offer volunteering opportunities to all students.

Rebecca Buxton, President of KCL Student Action for Refugees, told The Tab: “We’re really happy about the news.

“This is an amazing show of solidarity with refugees from King’s, and we hope that this will really positively impact the lives of refugee students going to our university.”