Glasgow student’s mates drive to see her at uni after she gets cheated on

They came all the way from Edinburgh awhhh

Getting cheated on sucks – it sucks even more when you’ve only been at uni for a term and you don’t have all your mates to give you a spoon and buy you pizza.

This was the sad sad reality for Ceitidh McLuskey, a Veterinary student at Glasgow University, who told The Tab she “basically just sent a message” to her gal pals’ group chat to relay the news that her boyfriend had cheated on her.

What she didn’t know was that her mates would soon assemble and drive an hour and a half from Edinburgh to Glasgow to give her a spoon and buy her pizza. Chief organiser Daniyah Mohhamed uploaded footage of the mission to TikTok, where it’s gone down a treat. Watch it below if you’ve been having a rough day:

Daniyah added me into their group chat and the girls gave all the deets. It is quite possibly the most heartwarming story you’ll ever read.

“We all stay in different parts of Edinburgh so Taylor (the girl who drove us) picked us all up from where we stay,” Daniyah told The Tab.

Taylor said the organisation was easy, and the group had committed to the trip “in the space of around 20 minutes.”

“It didn’t take any convincing,” she said.

The girls had no idea whether their friend would be in or not, or even if they’d be able to get into the accommodation block.

“We went to Glasgow knowing there was a chance she wouldn’t actually be home,” said Daniyah.

Lydia, another member of the squad, said they had to message Ceitidh’s flatmate to let them into the accommodation.

The TikTok video shows Ceitidh losing her shit at the surprise arrival of her mates. She told The Tab she was “literally in shock.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” she added.

“Ceitidh was so shocked,” said Daniyah. “She was speechless for 10 minutes at least.”

“It’s a big deal – because we’re all in different places it’s hard to all be in the one place at the one time fitting around everyone’s schedules,” Lydia told The Tab. “She never would have expected to be at her door.”

The group came armed with chocolates, and Taylor told The Tab they “just chatted, had a big group spoon, and went out for a pizza.”

The visit seems to have worked. Daniyah told The Tab: “She seemed a lot happier than when we first saw her.

“We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks as well, so it was nice for us all to be together.”

Both Daniyah and Taylor said they’d “absolutely” jump in a car for a mate if it happened again.

“It was definitely totally worth it seeing how happy she was,” said Taylor.

Daniyah told The Tab: “She’s our best friend – we had to cheer her up.”

“I have the best mates ever and feel so lucky to have them,” said Ceitidh.

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