Judy Jakubowicz-Klein

Judy Jakubowicz-Klein
Glasgow University

News writing, student news, feature articles, Glasgow news, experiences, recommendations, exploring Glasgow, entertainment, music, culture

  • Judy is a student contributor to The Tab Glasgow, writing a variety of articles covering different topics
  • Her area of journalistic interest usually evolves around cultural experiences and recommendations, which her articles usually are about
  • On her spare time, Judy likes to travel and explore, do arts and crafts and read. She is also head of one of the societies at her university, and does boxing


Judy joined The Tab Glasgow in 2023, during her first year of university, as a student contributor. She has previously written some feature articles for her universities newspaper, Strathclyde Telegraph. Her first big article was about the artist Lizzo and her concert in Glasgow


Judy is an international student from Oslo, Norway, and is currently in her second year of her Bachelors degree in Journalism at The University of Strathclyde.


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