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‘I wish I’d never uploaded it’: The iconic Tesco girl finally settles the score

She says she’s ‘actually really nice and really cool’

The girl from the iconic video rant about working in Tesco has responded to her viral fame, saying she's been the victim of online trolling.

19-year-old Jade Pinner uploaded a video to TikTok last week in which she complained about customers' inability to find butter in the supermarket.

Since the video went viral, Jade told The Tab she's had "thousands" of DMs telling her "positive things", but added she's had to deactivate her Facebook after receiving abuse "from the older generation" calling her "disrespectful" and former co-workers calling her a "f*ggot."

In a TikTok uploaded after the video went viral, Jade said: "I don't want to be known for being the Tesco girl when it was a joke anyway but no one gets that it's a fucking joke. Everyone thinks that's just me and I'm disrespectful to customers.

"I'm actually really nice. I'm actually really cool.

"I don't like the fact that people keep messaging me asking me where the butter is at – I don't know because I don't work there anymore you fucking idiots.

"Now stop hating me."

Jade's original video, recorded four months ago when she still worked at Tesco, showed her preparing for a late shift. In the clip she says: "Girls, I'm not gonna lie to you. I've had no sleep and I'm working till 10 tonight and I feel like killing myself.

"'Hello yes I can show you where this is. Aisle 22.' Why don't you look what it says on the fucking board instead of asking me what aisle butter is in?"

Jade later told The Tab she was "off her face" when she recorded the TikTok, saying: "I went out the night before, got absolutely twatted off my face. Obviously I didn't sleep. So I sort of went to work drunk.

"I cried the whole time and hid in the toilets for the majority of the shift".

After the video went viral, thousands reached out to Jade.

"My DMs are filled with thousands of messages saying positive things", Jade told The Tab.

"But then I had to actually deactivate my Facebook because of the amount of disgusting vile comments I've been getting from the older generation saying I'm disrespectful to customers.

"Really, when I actually worked there, I was really police. I was actually quite shy. To find people who I actually worked with at Tesco are calling me a f*ggot and things like that.

"It's just really nasty getting the negative comments, but most of them are positive."

Asked if she regretted uploaded the clip, Jade said: "It is what it is. It’s my fault for uploading it but I didn’t realise it would go that big.

"I have thought I wish I never uploaded it a little bit – oh well, ain’t the end of the world."

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