All Glasgow University graduations will be Wonka themed with VC dressed as The Unknown

Students will receive a singular jellybean alongside their certificate

The University of Glasgow will be hosting a Wonka themed graduation for students completing their studies in 2024.

A leaked email sent to university staff explained that the institution had decided to incorporate the Willy Wonka experience into this year’s graduations following the joy it had brought staff and students alike.

It added that actual banners used at the controversial Wonka event will be put up in the graduation hall and that students would even be handed their certificates alongside a singular jelly bean by the vice chancellor dressed as The Unknown.

Thanking all staff involved in planning the theme for this year’s graduation, the email explained that the “playful touch” would help students “cherish this unique experience for years to come”.

April, a final year student at the University of Glasgow told The Glasgow Tab that she thought the idea was “jokes”. She said: “I think it’s pretty funny. Although it’ll be weird explaining to my kids why I’m stood on stage with a weird masked bloke in my graduation photos, it’s jokes to see the uni trying to get down with the kids and all that.”

Fourth year English student, Jules, said that the theme “cheapened” the university’s image: “I really don’t get why we’re doing a Wonka themed graduation, or any theme at all.

“This is a classy institution and there isn’t anything classy about Willy Wonka. I don’t care how many golden tickets he has. This isn’t Edinburgh.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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