We went to the charity Mask-querade Ball

The event was in aid of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

We visited ACME Comic Con

We’ve included lots of pictures of the cosplays

Five ways Glasgow Uni students can help Ukraine

We’ve provided a list of resources

We spoke to a film director at the Glasgow Film Festival

First time Director, Paul Morris, discusses inspirations for his feature film debutĀ 

Meet the models of the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show ~PART 2~

Beautiful people reading about more beautiful people

Meet some of the models of the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show

Beautiful people reading about beautiful people

2022 Valentine’s Day date ideas in Glasgow

You really need to pull a great date out the bag after last years restrictions!

Every type of Glasgow Uni boys you’ll meet on campus

Such a fun read

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


We share our favourite Daft Friday photos

If you didn’t snag any tickets this year, live vicariously through these fun pics

Get daft: a guide to Daft Friday

This year the theme was Pixar

How to be sustainable at Christmas with GUEST

This time we asked Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team for tips

How to be sustainable at Christmas with GUFR

We asked Glasgow University Fashion Revolution for tips

We spoke to the Glasgow Uni students involved in Movember

‘It’s important to me because of all the wonderful men in my life’

We Spoke to the Koko Barista that Glasgow Uni Students are crushing on

He used to be a model in Milan

Music to get Glasgow Uni students through the gloomy season

Songs to listen to while studying

We spoke to those involved in the Muay Thai Fight Night

“The energy in the room was incredible”