We want you to write for The Tab Glasgow this semester

You could have the power to decide who makes the cut on clubbers of the week

Glasgow uni has the longest waiting times for mental health services in our Mental Health Rankings

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

The Irn-Bru recipe is changing, and life will never be the same again

Gaelic, bag pipes and now Irn Bru

Glasgow voted the sixth most beautiful uni in the UK

Strath didn’t make the list lol

£2500 worth of coffee has been ‘stolen’ from the library due to people knowing the machine code

Even the police were called to investigate, lol

There’s a new anti-abortion society at Glasgow University with over 200 members

‘One can be pro-life and pro-women, as the two are not mutually exclusive’

Glasgow Uni library is going to be open for 24 hours

Now you can literally live there

Glasgow’s most eligible bachelorette 2017: Nominations now open

Think you’re mates with the golden girl of Glasgow?

Today’s D*** F***** ticket release has sold out

People have been queuing for 3 hours

A massive ball pit with endless prosecco is coming to Glasgow

Get excited

There is a petition to bring back sanitary bins in Murano halls

They were all randomly removed in September

These Glasgow fourth years love Mad Dog so much it was their Halloween costume

This is not your average basic bitch attire …

Strathclyde Netball club ‘Nerds vs. Neds’ social renamed for being offensive

Some people still dressed up as ‘Neds’

Glasgow Uni has a society dedicated to hummus

And it’s an absolute treat

Nuclear warfare, Scottish Independence and Buckfast: A few minutes with Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow

He’s never tried a deep fried Mars Bar

‘An avalanche of people started to run’: We spoke to Aamer Anwar about the Barcelona terror attack

Glasgow Uni’s Rector was seconds away from where the van rammed into the crowd

There’s a Pizza and Prosecco Festival coming to Glasgow and you HAVE to be there

Simply divine, darling🍕🥂

This Glasgow first year set up a festival from his back garden

The guy that plays Jonny on Friday Night Dinner was there

Meet the Glasgow first years who started their own clothing brand

Shania Twain once commented a love heart on their instagram

Love island’s Kem is coming to Glasgow and here’s how you can meet him

Maybe he’ll give me a quick trim