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Time to find out whether Murano actually is superior


Student accommodation can make or break your first year experience at uni.

Many students reminisce about their first year flat, and many others are keen to forget it ever existed. Glasgow University offers several accommodation options, primarily to those in their first year, but which is the best? Use the Google form at the end of this article to have your say!


Starting off with Glasgow Uni’s largest and most renowned accommodation: The infamous Murano. It houses well over 1,000 students each year and is the obvious choice if you want your halls experience to be the most interesting out of all your friends. If you ask a Glasgow Uni student about Murano it is almost a certainty they will have a story to tell you, whether they lived there or not…

Queen Margaret

Queen Margaret is essentially Murano’s much posher older brother. You can enjoy the social aspect of Murano but with the comfort of an en-suite and the backdrop of the nearby Botanic Gardens. I was told by someone once that you can usually tell if someone has lived at Queen Margaret when you meet them, as they have probably already told you, and the more you think about that, the more true it appears to be.

Kelvinhaugh Gate

Another popular option located this time in Finnieston is Kelvinhaugh Gate. Similarly to Queen Margaret, these five person ensuite flats provide some sanctuary from messy flatmates. If you’re up enough floors you may also be lucky enough to get views over the Clyde. On the whole, this accommodation is a pretty good all-rounder, but four washing machines for almost 250 students is a bit of a pain at the best of times.

Winton Drive

Just down the road from Queen Margaret is Winton Drive. If you stay here you probably had it down as your second or third choice after Murano or Queen Margaret, but nevertheless, at least you can at least say you pay considerably less than you would for the latter while still being close enough by.

Student Apartments

In many ways, this is the edgy option on the list. Rooms here are highly sought after by those who want a less conventional halls experience, after all, how many student accommodations have a bay window? Besides this, Student Apartments are also the perfect option for those who enjoy rolling out of bed and straight into the library, as they are quite literally next door.

Kelvinhaugh Street

Kelvinhaugh Gate’s slightly less glamorous neighbour is also conveniently located in Finnieston near Kelvingrove Park and the university. Unfortunately, front-facing rooms can fall victim to the traffic from an SWG3 concert, so make sure to keep your windows closed if you fancy a night’s sleep.

Firhill Court

The perfect option for fans of Scottish football, as this accommodation is built directly beside Partick Thistle’s Firhill Stadium, with some rear-facing rooms even boasting a view over the pitch.  It is also located close to Murano, so if you fancy enjoying a Murano party, but also escaping afterwards, Firhill may be the perfect option.

Kelvin Court

One of the options offered by the university through Unite Students is Kelvin Court. On the upper end of the scale price-wise it can sometimes be hard to see why, as unlike many other accommodations on this list for a similar price there is no weekly cleaning service, not to mention the fact it is always absolutely roasting in there (which arguably, is better than it being freezing). Nevertheless, the 10 minute walk into uni and the nearby Tesco almost makes up for it.

Thurso Street

The other option offered by Unite is a handy five minute walk to uni. The common room as well as corridor layout make it a very social place to live, and in the past, it was also convenient for its proximity to Sanctuary, the dearly departed staple of Wednesday night socials. A great option all around.

Wolfson Hall

If you are someone who misses home comforts and fancy having your meals cooked for you (or often sent in your accommodation form late on) Wolfson is where you will call home. However, with that being said having your meals made for you surely can’t be that bad. While convenient for vet and med students who have their classes nearby, for everyone else it is a 30 minute bus ride onto campus, which given the hefty price is not exactly ideal…

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