Samuel McFarland

Student Contributor

Samuel McFarland
Glasgow, Aberdeen
Glasgow University

Student lifestyle, News-writing, Current events, Campus culture, Politics, University, Culture and the Arts, Student opinion, Social media, Glasgow, Literature, Religion, Sports

  • Samuel's role as a student contributor entails independent work on personal commissions, including on news writing with a rapid turnaround. It also entails collaborative discussion and contribution at team meetings
  • Samuel's journalistic expertise are in news and current events, as well as in campus culture and student lifestyle
  • In his free time, Samuel enjoys travelling and outdoor activity. He is also enthusiastic about politics, culture and the arts


Samuel joined The Tab in 2023 as a student contributor, and has written pieces predominantly on student lifestyle and wider campus culture. He also has also written news articles.


Samuel McFarland is currently at The University of Glasgow, undertaking a dual MA Honours in History and Politics. Through his studies he has also partaken in courses of English Literature and Theological Studies


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