Louise Nugent

Co-Editor In Chief, Glasgow Tab

Louise Nugent
Glasgow University

University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Student news, student lifestyle, campus culture, and Glasgow food and drink

  • Louise is currently the Co-Editor in Chief of The Tab Glasgow in which she overseas a team of editors, pitches, and articles
  • Louise is passionate about covering breaking news stories about Glasgow, the universities within, and student life
  • Louise spent a lot of time in the highlands of Scotland when she was younger, and loves to spend time up there still.


Louise Nugent joined The Tab Glasgow in 2023 during her second year of university as a student contributing, taking a keen interest in news articles, and is now Co-Editor in Chief


Louise is in her third year at the University of Glasgow completing a joint honours degree in International Relations and Social Public Policy particularly enjoying studying American politics.


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