A Shrek Rave is coming to Cardiff: Here’s what you need to know

Clear your schedules and get shready to come down to the swamp

Get your ogre ears on, the Shrek Rave is coming to Pryzm today.

The iconic, (slightly unhinged) Shrek-themed rave from the US will start at 4 pm on March 4th.

The day rave will fill your afternoon and evening with all the Shrek-tackular tracks from your favourite movie series. It promises lasers, ‘crazy’ Shrek performers, I’m A Believer singalongs, Shrek visuals and giveaways. It’s certainly not a day to miss.

We’re just wondering if they’ll decorate the smoking area like Shrek’s outhouse.

Dress code

The Shrek rave website tells us a ‘green dress code’, but as we’ve seen from TikTok, people are going ALL OUT. From the last-minute three blind mice, homemade Shrek and Fiona, to full-blown Gingy outfits. There are prizes for best dressed, and giveaways of ogre ears. It’s certainly dress to impress.

Note of advice though, onions have layers, but your outfit should not. This is still Pryzm, and it’ll be warm.


Move over vodka lems, it’s time for Swamp water. According to Shrek Ravers, you’ll be served a lethal murky green drink, made with tequila, melon Sourz, apple Sourz, and Sprite. A boozy night awaits us, with a  cocktail menu rumoured to include character-designed drinks, including ‘The Shrek’ and ‘The Fiona’.


With arguably the best movie soundtrack ever, there’ll be plenty of bangers to keep you raving. I’m expecting ‘What are you doing in my swamp?’ to be blared at every opportunity. The most nostalgic tunes combined with classics. Just think, if you don’t hear Funkytown mixed with EDM at least three times, you’re at the wrong rave.

Second-release tickets are still selling at £12.50, or you can buy a group of five for £50. Even though you’ll be walking through Cathays at four in the afternoon as your favourite character, go with pride. 

After all, Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

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