We visited Proud Mary in Cardiff City Centre: Here’s what happened

Staff dancing on the bar and a wheel of fortune, Mary brought the vibes

The German bier hall inspired pub, Proud Mary, recently opened in the city centre, so of course we had to go, and we were not disappointed.

We will start off by saying this is not your average student night out, instead Proud Mary is a bar with a dance floor so you finally have the choice to either sit at a table with the gang, or have a boogie if you feel like it.

It’s a pub where the age range was from around 20 to 50 and there was a mix of students, hen-dos, couples on date nights, and lads’ nights out.

Yes, that is a blow up doll

If you like the classics, then this is a place to try with songs like ‘Gold’, ‘Delilah’, and a cheeky bit of George Ezra thrown into the mix as well.

There was lots of seating around the pub, and a large dance floor in the middle that was packed on the Friday night we went.

When “rolling on the river” started to play, we heard a cheer so got up to check what was going on, the staff had a choreographed dance to the song and were standing on the bar in their unformed kilts to perform to all of those on the dance floor.

The blow up doll is back

Proud Mary is a place we would recommend to try but they don’t offer any student discounts and the drinks aren’t the cheapest in town, however, they do have a wheel of fortune you can play where the prizes range from a bottle of house spirit, a cocktail on tap, or you might be a “bloody loser” but for £5, it seems like fun.

Proud Mary is open every day and whenever there is a football game on (which may be upsetting to England fans after recent events) they will be showing it on their screens.

The staff were very friendly and with the live music on the weekends, it would be a great place to take your family for a drink, especially with the atmosphere of staff dancing on the tables and plenty of seating.

When we asked the team at Proud Mary who Mary is, they said: “Mary is immortal. We don’t know when she was born, but we know she has always been around, and she has no intentions of changing that.

“A tough upbringing taught her survival. It’s the ballast she’s carrying with her. She has a belief that things can be solved if you work hard and purposefully.

“She is optimistic, humble, proud, and has a degree of unattainability.  You may get close to her, but there is boundaries.

“She believes in the good in people and never points her fingers at anyone. She is a strong woman. She is sexy, smart, intelligent and she is a fighter.”

So there you go, from the sounds of it we could all take a leaf out of Mary’s book and that description alone has left us wanting more.

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