Study International ranks Cardiff Uni as one of the best European unis for women in STEM

It praised the university’s focus on diversity and equality

Study International has published an article that rates Cardiff University as one of the top four universities in Europe for women in STEM.

It said that if one is looking to study a STEM subject that will lead to a fulfilling career, then Cardiff is one of the universities that you should focus on.

Study International noted that Cardiff’s School of Engineering is an especially strong advocate for women and promotes a diverse and equal learning environment. It also commended Cardiff University for winning a bronze award from Athena Swan. The Athena Swan award is “is a testament of a higher education’s achievements in achieving gender equality”.

Furthermore, Study International mentioned the wide range of STEM postgraduate courses which include architectural, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and mechanical and medical engineering.

Cardiff University also has many links with industry which can connect its students with researchers and professionals all over the world. According to the site, the university has over 200 collaborative research projects and 40 externally funded projects.

Study International spoke to Head of the School of Engineering, Professor Jianzhong Wu, who said: “We aim to provide a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment which allows students to fulfil their potential, while producing world-class research that benefits the local, national and international community.”

According to STEM Women’s most recent data, only 35 per cent of those doing a STEM degree are women with only 19 per cent of those doing computer sciences or engineering and technology identifying as female. Furthermore, only 29 per cent of the STEM workforce are women as of 2019. However, one must note that not these figures are not improving for women in STEM as from 2016-2019, women in the STEM workforce have decreased in areas such as science and engineering technicians and IT professionals.

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