‘My joy did not reflect that of my family’: Indian Cardiff Uni students on Rishi Sunak as PM

Unsurprisingly, there are mixed emotions

Diwali came bearing one of the greatest gifts for Indians as Rishi Sunak, a British man of Indian origin was announced as the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Sunak will be the first prime minister of South-Asian descent to govern the UK.

Rishi Sunak was born in Southhampton to Indian-origin parents who migrated to the United Kingdom from East Africa in the 1960s and his ethnic origin is something most Indians are revelling about.

We spoke to some Indian Cardiff Uni students to ask how they felt about Sunak’s new role and not everyone has high hopes and they were concerned about whether this appointment would actually lead to any change in the UK.

Shreyas – MSc Advanced Computer Journalism

“[I’m] not expecting much from Rishi Sunak as he is elected as the British prime minister, I think his focus should be the UK and not India. I am sure he would take steps that would help the people of the UK in general and which might or might not turn out to be beneficial for Indians.

“Being an Indian myself, I was taking a nap when my phone began buzzing. For a brief moment, I was alarmed until I picked up the phone and learned that Rishi Sunak is now the prime minister of the UK. Unfortunately, my joy did not match that of my family and friends back in India because I am aware of how dire the situation is here. They only hear about the statistics showing double-digit inflation in India, but I am surviving it.”

Sucheta – MA Journalism

“My initial response was one of excitement. We have made considerable progress as global citizens. Who would have imagined that a Brown man would become the prime minister of a nation with an infamous history of colonialism? Rishi Sunak, after all, resembles a Brown man more so than an Indian man… [As] Sunak is from the UK, he would act in a manner like that of his predecessors and is merely a representation of the current administration.” 

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