Omg, Cardiff Uni SU has installed the UK’s first ever VK vending machine

Because selling more VKs in the SU than Scotland wasn’t enough for us already

This weekend, the first ever VK vending machine was put into action by the Cardiff Uni SU, ready for club night JUICE.

The VK machine will stock the four flavours: orange, blue, apple, and strawberry. It will be £2 a bottle, saving you 50p against the SUs current four for £10 offer they have at the bars.

The vending machine will only be open for use during club opening hours to ensure that everyone using the machine will be 18 or over, as they will have had their IDs checked on the door.

The machine will also have a security staff member carrying intoxication checks on all customers using the machine just as if they were buying from a bar in the SU, which would have the bar tender assessing if a customer is too intoxicated.

This machine has been installed due to a partnership between global brands, Graddons vending and the SU.

The responses from students over have been generally positive as students have encouraged their friends to come up to Cardiff to see the machine, however TikToker commented: “I’m going to smash into that shoulder first”.

Another TikToker commented: “When can York get one?”

Cover image and images from TikTok: @cardiffstudents

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