Here are some of the strangest places Cardiff Uni students are studying

Turns out cows, ghosts, and pitchers are the perfect study buddies, who knew?

With exam season looming, the scramble for study spots on campus becomes even more intense than usual, meaning sometimes you’ve got to get creative.

Just in case you need some inspo for your next study sesh, we asked Cardiff students for some of their favourite locations, needless to say that some of them might be a little more…unusual.

A graveyard

Won’t lie, this one surprised us too. Although this sounds a little spooky for our taste, the student who gave this answer said that graveyards have a quiet and calming atmosphere which helps to reduce their exam anxiety. Anything stress-relieving is a plus in our book. Perhaps it’s the next big thing?

The shower

More specifically, showers with *company*. I guess those late night “study” sessions are put to good use, I mean, it’s a perfect opportunity to quiz each other. Just try to avoid getting your textbooks wet, you don’t want to be memorising facts from soggy pages.

A calf shed

This one might be slightly more niche. The reasoning behind this one was that apparently their WiFi won’t reach the calf shed, meaning that they won’t be distracted by social media (although we would love to know what happens when they need to Google something). Whatever floats your boat, I guess, although surely the smell would be more distracting than TikTok notifications?

Public transport

We’ve definitely all been there, desperately re-reading notes and just praying that something will go in even though the exam is in half an hour and you don’t even remember attending the lectures for this topic. But hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

The theatre

I guess between learning lines and waiting to take centre stage you can squeeze in a couple of minutes of essay writing, right? Plus, if you’re an English Lit or Performing Arts student then they may even be performing the play you’re studying, it’s a win-win, really.

The toilet

Yes, we all scroll through TikTok on the loo, but if you’re scrolling through Quizlet on the toilet then you may need to get a life. Let’s just move on.

The park

The ultimate main character moment as a Cardiff student: taking your books and coffee to Bute Park to help you feel inspired (plus it makes strangers think you’re organised and mature). Perhaps being surrounded by nature is the way forward, after all, some of the greatest literary and academic works have been inspired by nature and its beauty. Just make sure you avoid the geese in Roath Park if you choose to go there, they tend to see through the ‘I’m edgy and different for being outside’ façade.


For some, the promise of unlimited hot drink refills may be their reason behind studying in a Spoons, for others, it may be the 2-for-1 cocktail pitchers they can order at the click of a button. I guess we’ll never know. Although that the atmosphere of loud, middle-aged day drinkers and screaming children may seem like it would be too distracting to study there, but loads of you said that it’s actually great background noise and really helps them to concentrate. Each to their own, I guess, but I think we’ll enjoy our Blue Lagoons and halloumi fries away from our laptops, thanks.

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