Best places to go out in Cardiff this Halloween

No Halloween plans yet? Here’s our top picks for where to go this spooky weekend

In the words of Cady Heron from Mean Girls: “In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”.

But what’s the point of dressing like a total slut if you’re not getting maximum viewage on your big night out? We’ve comprised a list of all the best places to go in Cardiff so you can make the most of hoe-loween this year.

Friday 28th October

Fix Halloween Special with Rain Radio: PRYZM

Halloween is coming early to Pryzm this Friday as Rain Radio, behind the song “Talk about” will be joining. Pryzm have described the night as “A unique blend of circus, carnival & halloween chaos” and we’re here for it.

Saturday 29th October

Halloween Rewind: Walkabout

Carnival is coming to town ladies and gentleman. Head to Walkabout for the Carnival of Horrors.

Why not treat (or trick) yourself to their Ring of Fire, 6 shots of the devilishly delightful Fireball Whiskey.

That will for sure make it a night to remember.

Halloween Party: The Eli Jenkins

Clubbing not your style? Why not go out for some spooky cocktails instead.

Head on down to Cardiff Bay and grab yourself a mysterious mojito or creepy cosmo as you bop to some halloween hits.

JUICE Halloween Special: Cardiff Student Union

Last but certainly never least is JUICE, the only Saturday student club night.

Dig through your wardrobe, find your best halloween outfit and head down to the SU for one of the biggest nights in the student calendar.

Sunday 30th October

The Halloween Nightmare: Pryzm

With a LIVE stage show featuring stunt performers, horror decor, and spooky tunes, Pryzm is the place to be this Halloween.

Those who fell victim to the Big Fresher Wristband will already have tickets to this event so check your Fatsoma app and head on down to Pryzm to get free entry.

Tickets are still available for those who don’t have them. Free LED batons and masquerade masks are included.

Halloween Quiz: Sticky Fingers Street Food

Not a drinker or fancy something more relaxed? Go on down to Richmond Road for a spooky quiz and the chance to win a £100 cash prize.

Entry costs £1.

Monday 31st October

Warehouse Rave: VSA

Not worried about missing your Tuesday lecture? Fancy bursting your ear drums? Why not go to the VSA Warehouse rave on Halloween night.

Horror Hotel: Boom Battle Bar

Boom is already a great place to go no matter what the day of the week, want to have a pint outside? Go for it, everyone else is. Want to dance inside? Start the party gal.

With £2.60 pints for students, Halloween is suddenly looking like a much more affordable night out than originally thought. Plus, what’s scarier than waking up for your Tuesday lecture with a Welsh dragon tattoo on your forehead after ordering a Sugar Tits.

Quids In: PRYZM

Described as “the biggest Halloween event in the city”, you aren’t going to want to miss this one. With tickets from £1, and with PRYZM being so close to the uni, you can definitely save on the start to your night. Although it looks like tickets are now all sold out, you might be able to find some tickets on Overheard, or if not, there’s plenty of other options on this spooktacular Monday night.

The Halloween After: Ten Mill Lane

Ten Mill is holding the Halloween afters if you’re not ready to go home when all the other clubs in town shut. Ten Mill will be open until 6am so let’s hope you don’t have a Tuesday 9am, or 10am, or 11am for that fact if you’re planning on staying out out this Halloween.

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