Cardiff University is the best university in Wales, according to student reviews

It has ranked as the seventh best uni in the whole of the UK

Cardiff University has ranked as the best university in Wales and the seventh best in the whole of the UK, based on reviews from students.

StudentCrowd has released its 2022 UK university rankings, and Cardiff has placed seventh out of 140. According to the league table, which was created by using 591 student reviews, Cardiff scores a 4.35 out of five rating. This is based on various elements of life at Cardiff University: accommodation, range of courses, campus facilities, societies and staff as according to students.

StudentCrowd details that the typical UCAS points necessary for Cardiff’s entry requirements are between 192 and 207. As well as this, they state that, of the average 36,220 students that apply, Cardiff gives offers to 25,450 of them, making their offer rate 70.3 per cent. The acceptance rate is much lower at 18.08 per cent.

Additionally, the league table ranks Cardiff’s student accommodation. This includes private accommodations such as Crown Place, The West Wing and Glendower Place, which ranked first, second and third place, respectively, out of all Cardiff’s on and off-campus student housing. In fact, at 13th place, Roy Jenkins Hall was the highest on-campus accommodation on the list, followed immediately by Talybont Gate.

This ranking differs majorly from the Guardian’s 2022 UK University League Table, which placed Cardiff 38th, having gone down one place since last year, although this ranking was based on different categories, including student satisfaction with their courses, teaching, feedback, and their careers after 15 months.

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