The Cardiff Tab tries: Harry Potter society

We had a siriusly good time at the sorting ceremony…get it?

Have you ever wand-ered what really happens at the Cardiff University Harry Potter Society? Well, we joined it for its first meeting of the year in Revs’ club room and it’s safe to say that we were well and truly spellbound.

The first thing we saw when we walked in was one of the most iconic hats in cinema history, so of course, we had to take a closer look. Upon approaching the hat, we were instructed to fill out an online quiz if we wanted to find out which Hogwarts house we were in, needless to say, none of us had reached for our phones so fast in our lives.

After grabbing some *potions* from the bar, we chatted to some of the lovely society members who told us why they joined and what they were most looking forward to being involved in. Overall, the promise of a butterbeer masterclass and a Yule Ball at Christmas seems to have won a lot of people over, and frankly, who can blame them?

The team in charge of putting the event together also took the time to speak to us, they spoke about their fondness for the society, and made special mention to clarify their support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived: the sorting ceremony. One by one, we all sat on the stool and had the hat placed on our heads while our house was announced to the room. Personally, I always knew I was a Hufflepuff so I was pretty chuffed with my result, however you could choose your house if you wanted to.

Overall, despite being muggles (but wizards at heart), we had a really great time slythering in and taking a peek into what a night in the Harry Potter Society entails. We would definitely recommend it to any fellow Potterheads in Cardiff.

As to what HP soc usually entails, a spokesperson for the society said: “sometimes we just meet up for drinks and a chat or we hold events like potion making or scavenger hunts to win house points”.

They also said upcoming events within the society include: butterbeer making, a quadball (quidditch) match with the Quadball Society, and a big Halloween collab with other university societies. The highlight of the year for them, however, is the Yule Ball at Christmas.

If you would like to join, the Harry Potter society, their Instagram is @harrypotter_cu, you can either follow the link in their bio or alternatively, go to the SU societies website where you can buy a membership for £6. The Harry Potter society meet on Thursdays at 19:30, the location varies but usually either Revs, The Woodville, or Sticky Fingers.

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