An injured officer, a machete and three arrests: Here’s what you need to know about the Taly North car chase

One officer needed urgent medical attention.

Three men have been arrested following a police chase in Cardiff University’s Talybont North student residence on 16th May.

A stolen Ford Fiesta was intercepted by officers at approximately 12am where a large machete and a quantity of cannabis were found inside.

A video of the event was posted on the ‘Overheard at Cardiff University’ Facebook page showing the pursuit by the outdoor basketball courts.

A police car chasing the Fiesta by the Taly gates

The video shows the moment the Fiesta exits through the Western Avenue gates being chased by an undercover police car, moments after two other police cars follow but turn down the wrong road.

A police and undercover car driving down a different road

A police report states how after the Fiesta drove through Taly North, they attempted a box manoeuvre on the car as it came to a stop at Tesco Extra on Western Avenue, but the car reversed rammed into one of the vehicles causing laceration injuries to an officer, requiring them to seek urgent medical attention. 

However, the pursuit continued where the suspects ran several red lights and crashed into parked taxis. The vehicle was finally stopped when the police used a stinger to burst its tires. 

The suspects have not yet been named, are aged as two 2o-year-old men and a 57-year-old man. They were arrested on suspicion of numerous offences but have all been released pending an investigation. 

Amy O’Loughnane, a Cardiff student who witnessed the incident said: 

“I woke up to loads of sirens at around 11:30PM. I didn’t realise it was in Taly until I heard the sirens go directly behind my house. I looked out my kitchen window to see the Ford Fiesta being chased by unmarked and marked police cars.” 

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