Cardiff University industrial action: Here’s what you need to know

The university was previously set to have a marking boycott from Monday 23rd which has now been withdrawn.


Cardiff Uni previously confirmed that from Monday 23rd May some staff had chosen to take “action short of strike”. This industrial action was set to include a boycott of all marking and assessment processes.

However, after speaking to The Tab Cardiff, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience, Clare Morgan said:  “Everyone involved is keen to minimise any impact such a strike would have had on you, and I’m pleased to let you know that the assessment and marking boycott due to start this Monday 23 May has now been withdrawn.”

If it had gone ahead, this boycott would have affected 70,000 undergraduate and 60,000 postgraduate graduations nationwide.

Although Cardiff has withdrawn their marking boycott, as of 20th May 2022, 21 unis are still continuing this strike. Notable universities include Bournemouth University, Kingston University, Newcastle University, Nottingham University, University of London Queen Mary, and The University of Sheffield.

The initial industrial action was decided after a vote by University and College Union (UCU) members.

So what is industrial action?

Industrial action is taken when the trade union members are in disagreement with the university and it is not resolved during negotiations, this can result in staff going on strike or taking a softer form of action, in this case, refusing to undertake the work of marking student’s exams and essays.

In the case of Cardiff University, negotiations have now been made between the University and UCU to avoid the assessment and marking boycott.

If Cardiff was to have a marking boycott, services such as libraries, student support, and gyms would still be open. However, some lectures and seminars may have been affected, subject dependant.

The university has advised anyone who is concerned about the impact of the industrial action or any other issues regarding university life to contact student connect for support.

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