It’s exam season so we’ve saved this for you, here’s best dressed at Inside Out

How many bucket hats is too many bucket hats?

Bucket hats, shit shirts and man bag festival season is finally here and on Sunday,  thousands of students descended on to the hallowed turf of Bute Park for Inside Out festival. Yung Filly, Kurupt FM… Even Idris Elba made an appearance to give Cardiff students the perfect way to spend their bank holiday.

Just in case you were debating joining The Cardiff Tab next year, we even got to go backstage for the event. That’s right, and up and close view of Idris Elba while he was on stage (Mega fangirl moment.)

That’s Idris right there, I swear

Enough about the artists and enough about us, we’re here for one reason and one reason only: the outfits. So, sit back, relax and put off that essay for a few more minutes as we take you through the best dressed that Inside Out had to offer.

Henry (@hkingoreilly), Ollie (@olliedaniels), James (@jamesofthecook)

What’s the point of being a writer if you don’t feature yourself?

These very important people all understood the assignment.

Giselle Wills (@giselle.wills), Sam O’Keefe (@samjasminex), Molly Jones (@_molijoness)

Sunglasses are cool and all until you lose them in the ball pit (yes, speaking from experience)

Bucket hat, hip bag, and sunglasses. These ladies completed the essentials for an iconic festival outfit.

Lowri Rees (@lowrijaderees) and Elise Baker (@elisebakerx)

Red will always be a power colour

Tongues out for inside out: Is that roulette? Cause red and black have never looked so good.

Ellen Tonkin (@ellextonkin)

It’s giving country club vibes (in a VERY good way)

This much cream at a Festival? Sometimes its worth the risk to look this good.

Weronika Bandur (@weronikabandur)

These princess vibes are immaculate

When you have a festival at 12 but your coronation at five. Looking stunning in pink to make the boys and girls wink.

Batman and Robin (@batman)

You know what? They ATE

With plenty of jokers about, Cardiff’s Dynamic Duo had their work cut out.

Laura Fennell (@laura_jade96)

This is perfect – perfect, perfect, perfect.

Looking like this I’m sure she won’t be the only one with hearts in her eyes.

James, Jose, May (@james.jose.may)

We have our doubts about the legitimacy of that insta handle

When you left your man bag at home, but luckily your arm is still in a cast.

James Davies (@jamesdavies), Poppy Sampson (@poppy__sampson), Nathan Driver (@driver_09)

Cookie monster hat is a vibe

Only at a festival could such outrageous designs not look out of place and boy are we fans.

James Derham (@Jamessderham)

Purple guy is shook he didn’t get picked

When we told this lad he wasn’t the first person we’d seen wearing this much pink, he told us two-can play at that game.

We did have quite a few people shake their heads and run off, so shout out to everyone who was super excited because we genuinely thought you guys looked fab. However, maybe it is time to bust The Tab merch out while we’re out on ‘work trips’.

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