Varsity cancelled in ‘peace making measure’ introduced between the Welsh universities

This will be the third time Varsity has been cancelled

Welsh Varsity, a sporting event between two rival universities, has been cancelled for the third time. After two years of lockdowns and Covid-19 cases, leaked emails reveal that the universities have decided on taking an anti-competition stance in order to foster a better relationship between Swansea University and Cardiff University.

It is still uncertain on whether or not Varsity will carry on in the coming years, potentially as a less competitive event. A spokesperson for Cardiff University told The Cardiff Tab: “We might switch things up in the future, the divide is so strong and after everything that has happened this pandemic, it would be nice if we could be on each other’s team.” Measures to make these changes will hopefully be in place by the next year.

Official announcements will be posted on the Cardiff Student Union’s page.


The Cardiff Tab reached out to some of the Cardiff university athletic union teams: “I can’t believe we’re hearing about this so late, after getting everyone so hyped up about Varsity 2022.”

“This is beyond stupid. Just because we enjoy a bit of competition and are supporting our university, doesn’t mean we hate Swansea university. It’s all just a bit of fun.”

However, there was some support towards the peace making measure, where students said they wish competition was reduced in all factors of university life: “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”

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