BREAKING: New Covid-19 restrictions introduced in Wales for the holiday season

Despite remaining at alert level zero, new rules will be introduced from December 27th


From midnight on the 26th December, there will be a series of new restrictions in Wales, including the closure of nightclubs. It is reiterated that face coverings will continue to be required indoors, and on public transport.

Following the increase of the Omicron variant, Mark Drakeford hosted a press conference, setting out the changes that will come into place within Wales.

In an interview this morning with Sky News, Drakeford discusses how Wales needs to respond to the increase of cases, claiming that  “Wales is in the calm before the storm”.

Encouraging “Flow before you Go” over this festive period, Drakeford asks people to consider who they are meeting up with, and whether gatherings can be moved to outside. In his announcement Drakeford added that a smaller Christmas, is a safer one.

From the 27th of December, there will be changes made within the law to fit the new guidelines. Social distancing measures will be reintroduced within shops and offices, all workplaces will be encouraged to make employees work from home if possible, and nightclubs will be forced to closed at midnight on Boxing Day.

Members of the public are also encouraged to get the Booster vaccine, as well as the two doses.

For guidance on how to help minimise the spread of coronavirus in Wales head to: 

To learn more about the support available through Cardiff University during the Christmas break, click here

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