Freshers watch out: Our most eligible bachelor and bachelorette has finally been announced

This is definitely something to add to the CV

It is officially time to announce Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette. After numerous rounds, the fans have spoken, and the winners have been crowned. We obviously had to ask them a few more questions to ensure that we had every detail on them. After all, how would you know whether to slide into those DM’s?  They’re basically Cardiff royalty now, so get ready to put in the work if you want them to take you out on a date.

Meet Olivia, our most eligible bachelorette 2021

Olivia, the third year Psychology student, said “I’m incredibly flattered to have won though it came as a surprise.”

She continued: “On a gayer note, all these girls are gorgeous and I don’t understand how I beat them but I’m happy to take the ego boost and would like to remind them that I’m single.”

Olivia said that what makes her stand out from the crowd is that she’s pretty outspoken and doesn’t shy away from speaking up, “which could make me memorable I suppose.”

Her ex’s would all describe Olivia as ‘unforgettable’ and if she could go anywhere in the world with one special person it would be Megan Fox because she’d follow her to the ends of the world.

Congratulations to Olivia and all the beautiful girls who took part in this year’s Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette.

Beauty AND brains? We love a library sesh

Meet Tony, our most eligible bachelor 2021

Tony, who is now officially a Civil Engineering graduate, is Cardiff’s very own eligible bachelor. Tony claims that he has always been destined for greatness. However, he had not imagined that he was capable of achieving a title as big as this.

Although graduated, Tony is still contemplating a return to Cardiff for a Masters course, how else could he experience the atmosphere of Juice again? However, we think this title could change things. His opportunities are now endless, he’s expressed his interest in Boohoo MAN collaborations, or even entering Mr. Universe. With this on the CV, the world truly is his oyster.

We asked Tony: What makes you stand out from the crowd? His answer probably won’t shock you. Tony claims his eyebrows are unmatched, he’s never seen anyone with eyebrows quite like his. As said by Tony, “They’re thicccc af.” Making them a great talking point (take notes if you’re planning on sliding into those DM’s).

Tony states that if he was to go anywhere in the world with ANYONE, he’d “pull a Wiley and fly mumsy to Cyprus”. A true family man… However, if that plan fails, he will fly out any “pengting” out, with the intention to extend their hot girl summer.

A family man, AND animal lover?!?!

Unfortunately, Tony’s ex’s don’t have the most positive reviews of him. Their opinion would be something along the lines of him being “irregularly funny” and paying little attention to them. We’re sure you could train him though.

It’s been a tough battle for the crown this year, but we want to thank all of our bachelors (even those who ignored our DMs…). We can’t wait to see who enters next year!

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