Rule of 4 has changed for some university accommodation

The Welsh Government has changed their ruling

Last week, we reported that the Welsh Government had made a ruling that students in halls could not hang out or cook together in groups of more than four, due to Covid-19. Considering most university halls are 5 people or more, this caused outrage among the student community. Not being considered as a single household bubble seemed an “abuse of power” according to students.

The rule did not apply to those students with individual tenancies.

In a new Welsh Government Coronavirus document, the rules around students living at a university address have been clarified.

People living in self-contained flats, including halls of residence such as Talybont, are now considered an entire household and can socialise freely with those they share a kitchen or bathroom with. However, these rules do no apply to students living in non-self-contained flats, such as those in University Halls, where students live along corridors.

Students with two addresses, a term time and family address, are allowed to move freely between them, but the advise is that this does come with health risks. The Government has advised that movement between the two should only be when absolutely necessary, such as for work, wellbeing issues or at the end of a term.

Any students living alone are allowed to form an extended household bubble with one other household, but those living with others are not permitted to under the current Welsh Alert Level 4.

The next review of coronavirus restrictions in Wales is due to take place tomorrow.

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