Sophie Ladd

Cardiff University has confirmed online lectures will continue in September 2021

In-person seminars, workshops, and lab work are expected to go ahead

Rule of 4 has changed for some university accommodation

The Welsh Government has changed their ruling

Cardiff University announces that online learning will remain in place until March 26th

Face-to-face teaching has been pushed back again

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Cardiff talking to students about mental health

They’re here RIGHT NOW!

Gavin and Stacey stars to reunite for Christmas Day radio show

Will we find out whether Smithy said yes to Nessa?

Car crime in Cathays continues as student’s car goes up in flames

Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fire

Armed police spotted raiding a house on Wyeverne Road

The officers were in an undercover police car

Mark Drakeford announces there will be no changes to current Covid regulations in Wales

They will stay in place for at least another two weeks

South Wales Police issue drug warning after Talybont student found in critical condition

It is thought a dangerous form of ketamine is being circulated around Cardiff

Another national lockdown in Wales ‘likely’ in the new year

and we thought second semester had a chance of being better…

Cardiff University releases advice on ‘firebreak’ lockdown

All gatherings are banned for two weeks

How to have a banging uni year without clubs

bye bye SU, hello game night

A £33m COVID facility at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff is under construction

Cases are expect to continue to rise

Pulse nightclub is closing down

Thankfully it is only temporarily!

Cardiff is going into a local lockdown

Thanks Corona for ruining freshers!

First coronavirus-related death confirmed in Wales

And 30 more cases were announced this morning

A club night playing exclusively Taylor Swift is coming to Cardiff

It even has the Swift seal of approval