Students in flats of more than four people not allowed in kitchen at same time

They are encouraged to use rotas for the kitchen

Cardiff University have sent students an email informing them that “gatherings of more than four residents should not happen in communal areas including kitchens, corridors, stairways.”  These rules are said to be “in line with current Welsh Government advice at alert level 4.”

Students are outraged at these guidlines, which will means flats of 6 or 8 will not be able to use the kitchen at the same time.  One student called this an “abuse of power”.

The email included expectations that students should book into the universities screening service on their return to university as well as encouraging students to report breaches of Covid-19 rules. Students were told to “know the rules and remember your responsibilities”.

These rules follow the announcement from the university that online learning is set to continue until March 26th.

The Cardiff Tab reached out to the university for comment:

A Cardiff Spokesperson said, “It’s referenced in the Welsh Government guidance document: Keep Wales Safe, Covid-19 Guidance for Higher Education.” 

Stating that until the Welsh Government confirms otherwise, Wales remains at alert level 4.

In the guidance set by the Welsh Government it states, “Students who live in accommodation with an individual tenancy or contract will for the coronavirus restrictions be considered as a single person household.”

“The number of students creating a contact group will depend on the number of students allocated the same shared facilities. University accommodation typically has contact groups of between 4 and 12 and students may mix with all individuals in their contract group.”

“However the coronavirus restrictions limits the number of students within the contact group who can gather at any one time. This will vary depending on the alert level.” 

“In alert level 2, 3 and 4 the maximum number is 4 people.” 

They strongly recommend the use of rotas in order to minimise the number of people needing to use a shared facility at any one time.

“Students should be aware that there is an increased risk of mixing within the contact group and in forming extended households due to the increased number of people they may come into contact with.”

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