Cardiff University to offer rent rebate to students unable to return to halls

You will need to have applied for remote study

Cardiff University will be offering a rent rebate for students living in halls if they haven’t been able to return to their accommodation. This will be on the basis that their remote study request has been approved.

This decision was made after the announcement that in-person teaching would be deferred for the majority of courses until 22nd February.

After raising concerns about paying rent for halls they are unable to stay in, students are going to be partially refunded. Students staying in Cardiff University’s Clodien House and Unite will be included in a rent rebate arrangement implemented by Unite.

The accommodation fees will be adjusted on the basis of approval for remote study requests and will be applied on the third instalment paid in April. This means that the second instalment will need to be paid in full as normal.

If students staying in private accommodation need evidence of the dates they aren’t needed on campus, they can email the Registry Support who will be able to provide the confirmation needed.

The university’s current plan is to stagger the return of students whose in person teaching recommences after the 22nd of February. This is in line with the regulations put in place for universities in Wales by the Welsh Government and will allow students to take the university’s in-house screening service for covid-19 and ‘lay low’ in advance of in-person teaching.


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