Meet the Cardiff Students who have organised an upcoming local food bank collection

They are collecting donations outside Locos on 23rd January

A team of Cardiff University students, who were fed up with the lack of proper support for our most vulnerable during these difficult times,  have arranged a local food bank collection. We spoke to them, and here’s how it all works…

First, when is it happening?

The collection will take place outside of Locos on 23rd January. These students will be outside the bar on Miskin Street from 11am-4pm for any donations you may wish to bring. They will also have several collection points around Talybont student accommodation, so as many students as possible can get involved. These collection points will be emptied daily, with all donations going to the food bank.

If you go to make a donation, please remember to wear a mask, socially distance, and wash your hands!

If you’re wondering what to take, they are in particular need of cleaning products and sanitary products as they are the most expensive and so the least likely to be donated. Long life shelf food is also needed, but nothing that needs to be refrigerated.

After the collection, all donations will be driven to the Trussell Trust Cardiff Foodbank warehouse, where the items will be donated to those who need them most in these uncertain times.

The poster they have put up around Cardiff, you may have seen it!

Why is it happening?

Kate Marks, 20-year-old English Literature and Creative Writing student, saw all the attention on social media regarding the unacceptable free school meals hampers and wanted to take action, rather than simply raising awareness.

Originally, Kate had planned on going door-to-door to collect food after asking for the addresses of those interested in donating, before taking the food to the local food bank (following all Covid-19 precautions). Kate told The Cardiff Tab: ” I didn’t even have a car to get there but just knew I needed to do something”. However, the post that she made along with 20-year-old Environmental Geoscience student, Josh Shenstone, received an “overwhelming amount of support and help from students”. Someone even offered the use of their van to transport the collections.

The group of students involved, including Kate (top, centre)

What are the group’s plans for the future?

The team hope to make this a more regular solution to the issue of food poverty. Josh told The Cardiff Tab that it is great doing this one time, but he wishes to make this more of a sustainable, long-term initiative, “with food banks struggling year round we need to help the local community as much as we can”.

If you wish to help their cause but aren’t currently in Cardiff, you can donate to their PayPal, where all contributions go towards donations for the Cardiff Foodbank.

Promoting the initiative around Cardiff

It is really heartening to see these students’ efforts to help the less fortunate. They hope to see you and your donations on the 23rd. Good work guys!

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