Cardiff students to protest against tuition fees on Sunday

The protest will be socially-distanced

Students across the UK have expressed disappointment at the response to the pandemic from their universities and from the government. Many argue that there has been insufficient and unclear communication, which has left them questioning whether students are still getting value for money at University.

Student protestors have blamed their university’s late decision regarding online learning, forcing many to form tenancy agreements that they wouldn’t have otherwise made. Residence fees, along with full tuition fees, mean students are paying vast sums of money for a university experience that they weren’t expecting.

Cardiff students are planning to protest these frustrations, under “socially-distanced” conditions, on Sunday the 4th of October at 2pm in Alexandra Gardens by Cardiff’s City Hall.

The protest’s Facebook page stresses that anyone involved must wear a face covering, remain a two metre distance away from other households, and those who are showing symptoms must stay away.

Students on the event’s Facebook page stated their aims for the protest, including their wishes to get Cardiff University to work with its students in getting the government to abolish or reduce this year’s tuition fees.

Other students on the platform have expressed that they have no complaints with online learning for safety purposes, nor are there issues concerning the efforts of university staff and lecturers. The problem lies with the university’s failure to inform students of the decisions they make ahead of time.

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