Cardiff SU backtrack on proposal to ‘fire and rehire’ 45 members of staff

One student has called this u-turn a “relief for those affected in these uncertain times.”

Cardiff University’s Students’ Union have retracted their proposal to fire and rehire up to 45 lower-earning staff members. The move has been criticised on social media since it was revealed by the Cardiff Tab on Thursday.

In a leaked document seen by the Gair Rhydd newspaper, the SU said that “as a result of new information which impacts the company’s financial position, we are pleased to confirm that we are now in a position where we are not progressing with the proposal to remove grade increments at this time.” According to Gair Rhydd, it is thought that the email was sent by the Student Union’s Deputy SEO, Ben Eagle, to all those affected by this decision.

The original proposal to fire staff and rehire them with new contracts, unless they accepted a pay reduction, was met with sweeping objection from students and staff members alike. It was called “unjust” and “immoral” by those involved.

Many Students’ Union staff are on a pay scale where pay increases every year until they reach the top of this scale. Those that would have been affected were staff members that had not yet reached the top of this pay scale.

A spokesperson for the SU stated that “The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way the many organisations are operating. The Students’ Union is not exempt from these challenges and is adapting to new ways of working to ensure students and staff are supported to operate throughout this time… We are proud no compulsory redundancies have been made and no staff member has taken home less in their monthly pay packets – something many organisations have not been able to achieve.”

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