Students moved from halls due to potential Legionella outbreak speak up

“A uni sponsored mini vacay.”

Last week, The Cardiff Tab reported that students isolating in Cardiff University Residences  had been moved to local hotels or Cardiff Met due to a suspected outbreak of Legionella.

We have now spoken to the students about their experience of moving out of the residences, and the response has been largely positive.

One Student admitted that they “panicked a bit” upon finding out they’d have to temporarily move out of their accommodation, commenting that “moving out in a pandemic isn’t ideal”. However, she described the hotel she had been placed in as “safe and comfortable”, and says she has been given money for food. She added that she now believes that “this is the best thing they could have done”.

Another student who is staying within one of the lower risk residences, says they are “expected to be back within a few days”. He described the hotel he is in as “very nice” and when asked by The Cardiff Tab how he is feeling regarding the situation, he responded: “so far so good”. The student stated that he believes that Residences are “trying to do the best they can for our safety.”

One Senghennydd Court resident appeared satisfied with handling of the issue, even calling her current situation a “uni sponsored mini vacay.”  She also reiterated that they have been given £30 a day for food, and says that taxis were arranged for the move. The resident continued to say that it was “one of the best sleeps I’ve had in Cardiff, if not the best.”

In a previous comment, the university “apologised to those students for the inconvenience it will cause”. However, with the overwhelmingly positive response from students, it appears that many are satisfied with Residences’ handling of the situation. One student even commented that “we students should be supportive in such uncertain times too.”

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