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The ultimate guide to the perfect Galentine’s

Single girls, reveal yourselves!

Putting the 'gal' in Galentine's

No Galentine's is complete without the gals. Make sure you spend some quality time with your loved ones on this special day, and this definitely doesn't need to be your boo.

Message all your gals, reach out to as many as possible. There's always those who can't be with their Mr/Mrs Right on the big V-day, and there's also millions of singletons just like you looking for a fun way to spend the day.

If you're in first year you could reach out to all the girls in your halls to celebrate Galentine's. One time we did that and many of the gals ended up being besties for the rest of uni. So, it turns out it’s not just romantic true love Cupid’s helping you find on the big day .

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Crucial 'Self Care' vibes

During the day – wifed up or not – this is the perfect excuse for some ‘me' time. Paint your nails, put a face mask on, have a hot date with St Moriz or Cocoa Brown so your inner singleton glow radiates to the outside. Just be chilled, be selfish.

Stop stressing about your diss and rewatch ‘Wild Child’, ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘St Trinians’ for the 78945th time. Go crazy and even light some candles. Eat whatever you fancy, ice cream and chocolate is strongly advised, or maybe cook up a storm with your friends.

There are only a couple of rules; if you’re going to listen to music it must be girl power tunes. No Adele, unless it’s ‘Water Under The Bridge’, and lots of Beyonce. And under absolutely no circumstances are you to watch any Nicholas Sparks movies!

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Deliveroo on speed dial

"Lets get this party started" – P!nk, 2001

It's evening now, and there's no excuse to be sitting in alone waiting for a man after midnight. You already look amazing thanks to all your self care time during the day so now it's time to go full steam ahead.

This is the perfect day to actually spend the time to blow-dry your hair, even try the Molly-Mae curls if you're feeling adventurous. Make sure that in advance you’ve found yourself a great outfit that you feel amazing in, because in this festive season confidence is key. You could even spend your day doing retail therapy if you haven’t got something yet, because why not, today is all about you.

Now finally, it's time for cocktails. This doesn’t need to be expensive you can make them at home with the girls. There's also always Dirty Martini's half price cocktails till 10pm. Make sure the pres playlist is banging. Take some fire instas, obvs.

But remember to take some cute girls pics for mems because when all is said and done it won’t be the random Tinder date you remember when you’re 56, it’ll be these nights with the gals. So go out and have yourself the most amazing time!!!

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Lidl prosecco is also required

If you really wanna be extra…

Now this step is a little extra, but one that we can vouch for completely.

If you are planning on having the most ultimate girls night ever this Galentine's then what could be better than a hen do, because friendship with the gals is till death do us part.

Making your Galentine's 'Hen Do’ themed means the most amazing night. Take this opportunity to be silly with the games, go to Poundland and Ann Summers and see what they’ve got in the Bachelorette section.

Be inventive, or see online what previous legends have come up with. Poundland do Hen Party photobooth sets for, you guessed it, only £1 – which are sure to make your instas pop. And after all – what night isn't improved with a willy straw?!

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No hubby needed

But if all else fails

In general take some time to laugh about all the mistakes you’ve made since last Galentine's and then go out with the people that make you happiest and make some more.

We’re young, and just because some people wanna spend the day celebrating the love they’ve found in their significant other (which is completely fine) it doesn’t mean we should just sit at home gloomy stressing about the fact we haven't found ours yet. It’s time to celebrate the love we’ve found in our gals!!

Nothing is too much or too extra. Just make sure you realised how #blessed you are – even without an oversized teddy-bear – just to be able to have your amazing gals around you!

Happy Galentine's Everyone x

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