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A club night playing exclusively Taylor Swift is coming to Cardiff

It even has the Swift seal of approval

Get Ready For It… Cardiff has some niche club nights already, but perhaps none more so than 'Swiftogeddon', a new night coming to the city where only Taylor Swift will be played.

Self described swiftie Dave Fawbert has created an entire club night dedicated to Swift and his Wildest Dreams have come true as it has had a lot of success so far across the country.

Swiftogeddon, the ‘club night that worships the altar of Taylor Alison Swift’ according to its instagram bio sold out two shows in London and Manchester, and will tour many other cities around the UK between February and May too.

Speaking about his love of Taylor Swift and his reasons for creating this oddly themed club night, Dave said: "She is probably the best songwriter of her generation- lyrically she has an incredible eye for detail, and for capturing universal emotions in a unique way,"

"Musically, she just has a brilliant ear for a hook and for dynamics, which comes across in all her work- from the early country stuff to the more recent pop tunes. It is a pretty good testament that you can listen to nothing but her tunes for four hours straight and it's brilliant the whole way through!"

Miss Swift herself has even approved the night, replying to a fan on Tumblr, stating ‘WHAT!!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!’

Dave Fawbert said that event-goers can expect “some special extended mixes of my favourite tracks, album songs, fan-faves, deep cuts and of course all the hits!"

The club night in Cardiff will be at The Globe on Albany Road on March 6th. Prepare to Shake it Off to all the hits of Taylor Swift.

Tickets can be bought at EventBrite.