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Cardiff Uni Students’ Union to vote on becoming officially pro-choice

It follows controversy around the pro-life society


Cardiff University's Students' Union is going to vote on whether or not to adopt an official pro-choice stance.

Cardiff student Isadora Sinha has proposed the motion to the SU Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held on Thursday 21st November.

Alongside Isadora, the motion is supported by Emily Millward, the President of Cardiff University's feminist society.

The motion follows after much controversy surrounding the return of Cardiff University's pro-life society, 'Cardiff Students for Life'.

A similar motion for the SU to adopt a pro-choice stance was proposed back in 2014, but students voted against it.

If passed, it would mean the Union would become officially pro-choice. They would be mandated to run pro-choice campaigns and support an "equal, safe and inclusive environment for students".

It would also make the VP Societies responsible for ensuring that SU affiliated societies do not spread misinformation about abortion and pregnancy or "participate in activities against SU policy."

The Cardiff Tab previously reported on activities of the 'Cardiff Students for Life' society, such as taking part in 40 days for life, which involves demonstrating outside abortion clinics. The Feminist society President also claimed the pro-life society had been spreading misleading information.

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The pro-life society at the freshers fair this year

The motion also states that the current SU website is insensitive to those considering abortions as the 'pregnancy support' page "refers to a 13-week foetus as a baby" which the motion states is medically inaccurate and "further stigmatises the termination of pregnancy".

Isadroa Sinha told The Cardiff Tab: "I have proposed this motion as many students feel very strongly about equality and the fundamental right to bodily autonomy. There has been misinformation spread about abortion and reported planned anti-choice activities that have intimidated and angered many students.

"My proposed motion does not censor anyone, no matter if they are pro-choice or not. All it does is reflect the Students’ Union’s core values of equality and inclusion by providing a supportive learning environment for all students, acknowledging the individual’s right to choose."

All Cardiff University students can attend and vote in the AGM. It will take place in the Students' Union's Great Hall at 6PM on Thursday 21st November.